2021 Poster Session

The Undergraduate Researchers presenting at the 2021 Poster Session are:

Maryam Ahmed, Goucher College, “Enacting Linguistic Justice: How Writing Centers Can Better Support Multilingual Students” (Mentor: Lana Oweidat) – View Poster

Anne Doyle, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, “Crisis Response to the Beirut Explosion” (Mentor: Sweta Baniya) – View Poster

Emily Holland, Elon University, “‘Thanks, Writing Center!’: Analyzing the Workplace Writing Experiences of Writing Center Consultant Alumni” (Mentor: Julia Bleakney) – View Poster

Julia Jezykowski, Marquette University, “Changing the Narrative in the Healthcare Workplace” (Mentor: Elizabeth Angeli) – View Poster

Matthew Metzger and Kora Saylor, California State University, Sacramento, “Professionals’ Perceptions of How Covid-19 Changed Their Work” (Mentor: Angela Laflen) – View Poster

Sarah Raphael, Bates College, “Why We Need Translingualism: An Antiracist Approach in the Writing Center” (Mentors: Daniel Sanford, Stephanie Wade, and Bridget Fullerton) – View Poster

Lily Regan, Marquette University, “Building Relationships and Breaking Barriers: Culturally Relevant Professional Development for Secondary Educators” (Mentor: Jenn Fishman) – View Poster

Amelia Rodriguez, University of California, Santa Barbara, “Screeving Queens: Polari, Performance, and Concealment” (Mentor: Patricia Fancher) – View Poster

Peter Schonberg, Missouri University of Science and Technology, “Getting Good: The Role of Difficulty in Player Enjoyment” (Mentor: Carleigh Davis) – View Poster

Vivian Walman-Randall, University of California, Santa Barbara, “Her Nature: Exploring Modes of Nature Writing through the Female Perspective” (Mentor: Alison Williams) – View Poster

Haley Wellner, Marquette University, “College Identities and Genres” (Mentor: Jenn Fishman) – View Poster