The Undergraduate Researchers presenting at the 2014 Poster Session are:

  • Kristen Blagg, Transfer of Learning to STEM Disciplines: Perceptions of the Relevant of First-Year Writing for STEM Majors
  • Georgiana Collins, Rachel Durrant, and Rick Coonrod, Embracing Difference and Individuality:  Integrating Multiple Intelligence Theory in the Writing Center
  • Tiara DeGuzman, An Experiment in Creative Writing
  • Denae Dibrell, What’s the point of FYW? Transfer in College Students’ Writing from a Local Perspective
  • Brynn Kairis, Jacquieline Manni, and Allison Scherer, The Global is Social: Exploring Worldwide English Literacy on a Socio-Local Scale
  • Kim Lilienthal, The Writing Process and English Language Learners
  • Philippe Meister, UW-L Diversity: Your Perspective
  • RJ Mey, Writing Knowledge and Successful Academic Composition
  • Megan Schoettler, Self-Deprecation in the Writing Center: Talking Back to ‘Bad Writers’
  • Abigail Smoake, The Accessibility of Patient Education Materials
  • Lena Stypeck, Expanding our Own Thinking: Using Mnemonics in the Tutoring Sessions
  • Kyle Whitaker, The Academic and Self-Sponsored Writing Lives of High School Students

Prior CCCC Undergraduate Researcher Poster Sessions (Click individual years for listings of presenters):


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