CCCC Undergraduate Researchers Poster Session – 2019 Presenters

The Undergraduate Researchers presenting at the 2019 Poster Session (March 14, 10:30 AM to 11:45 AM; Third Floor West Hallway of the David L. Lawrence Convention Center) in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, are:

  • Skyler Aikerson, Goucher College, “Black and African-American Students’ Perceptions of the Writing Center”
  • Amanda Ayers, University of North Georgia, “Embodied Composition Pedagogy: Methods of Reincorporating Bodies in the Classroom”
  • Emily Bremers, University of Nebraska – Lincoln, “(Per)Forming Photographic Literacies: Understanding Literacy Representation Through a Case Study of Instagram Photographers”
  • Kylie Carlson, Western Kentucky University, “Digital Badging: Comparing Potential Platforms for First Year Composition”
  • Jose Angel Corral-Rodriguez and Eduardo Mabilog, Nevada State College, “Who Gets to Collaborate? A Geographical Survey of Writing Center Conference Presenters”
  • Collyn Drake, York College of Pennsylvania, “Guilt and Grammar in Our Writing Center: (Re)Understanding Grammar Instruction and Directive Tutoring Practices”
  • Alexandra Ellis, University of Alaska – Anchorage, “Two Old Women: An Example of Gwich’s in Stewardship.”
  • Hannah Hart, Allegheny College, “Dyslexia and Universal Design in the Writing Center: Embracing Students with Learning Differences”
  • Alexandra Johnson, Calvin College, “Genre in Transition: Writing Centers and Writing in the First Year of College”
  • Corrine Longenbach, York College of Pennsylvania, “Women’s Rhetoric in the Anti-Suffrage Movement”
  • Karina Lucero Aleman, University of California – Santa Barbara, “Performance in Chicanx Feminism: An Oral History Project”
  • Moira Meijaard, Emory University, “Women of Color Resisting Rhetors”
  • Kathryn Monthie, Goucher College, “Workshop Construction: Creative Writing Workshops through an Undergraduate Lens”
  • Amanda Mooney, Millersville University, “To Tweet or Not to Tweet: Digital Citizenship, Empowered Use, and Prescriptive Pedagogy”
  • Alysha Robitaille, Lakeisha Reed, Anthony Valentino, and Emily Van Horn, Springfield College, “Academic and Emotional Supports: Embedding Undergraduate Peer Tutors in Writing Studios”
  • Karmen Rosiles, Abby Vakulskas, and Haley Wasserman with Sunaina Randhawa and Elena Fiegan, Marquette University, “Can You Force Connection: Lessons from The Meaningful Writing Project”
  • Melissa Spencer, Elizabethtown College, “‘Just Google It’: Keywords, Digital Marketing, and the Professional Writer”
  • Gabrielle Stanley, Moravian College, “Understanding the Learned Conceptions of Writing that First-Year Students Bring to College”
  • Sarah Tarter, Santa Clara University, “Human Rights as a Dominant Discourse: Examining Rhetorical Appeals in the Dakota Access Pipeline Protests”
  • Breanna Tavernini, Nevada State College, “You are What You Wear: Analyzing Performance of Identity Through Clothing Choice”
  • Bethany Toy, York College of Pennsylvania, “Women’s Rhetoric Within the Abolitionist Movement”
  • Hugo Virrueta, Nevada State College, “Los Primeros Pasos: The Inclusion of Hispanic Students Within Writing Centers”