2024 Undergraduate Researcher Presentations

This year’s presenters are sharing their work in-person at the Conference on College Composition and Communication in Spokane, Washington, on April 4th, 10:45 AM – 12:00 noon Pacific, and online during a Conversation Hour on April 11th, 11:00 AM – 12:00 noon Eastern.

Scarlett Adams (University of California, Santa Barbara), Main Character Syndrome (Online)

View Scarlett Adams’ poster (PDF)

Nessa Rose Brooks (Goucher College), The Effect of Unconscious Biases on Pronoun Usage During Writing (In-Person and Online)

View Nessa Rose Brooks’ Poster (PDF)

Ruby Burch (Nevada State University), You Don’t Have Enough Time: How AI Tools Market Themselves to Working Students (In-Person)

View Ruby Burch’s poster (PDF)

Ailyn Del Rio (Rider University), But You Are a Writer – Analyzing First Year Composition Courses to Foster Student Confidence in Writing (Online)

View Ailyn Del Rio’s poster (PDF)

Dylan Girouard (University of Massachusetts – Amherst), We Don’t Have To Speak The Same Language To Get Good Food (In-Person)

View Dylan Girouard’s poster (PDF)

Brigette Hinnant (Washington State University), “[O]nly Here I Got a Filipino Community”: Rhetorically Listening to Filipina-American Women (In-Person)

View Brigette Hinnant’s poster (PDF)

Jamie Hudson (Boise State University), Importance of Experiential Education Opportunities for Adult Learners (In-Person)

View Jamie Hudson’s poster (PDF)

Lauren Jablon (Elon University), A Rhetorical Analysis of Concussion Awareness in Popular Media: A Cultural Comparison of Argentina and the U.S. (In-Person)

Listen to Lauren Jablon describe her project:

View Lauren Jablon’s poster (PDF)

Cara Jenquin and Fox Haring (University of Wisconsin Stout), Make It Mine: How Aesthetic Customization of Durable Medical Equipment Impacts Patient Autonomy (In-Person and Online)

View Cara Jenquin and Fox Haring’s poster (PDF)

Layla Scott (Virginia Tech University), Towards Digital Justice: Developing US Citizenship Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) with Immigrants and Refugees (In-Person and Online)

View Layla Scott’s poster (PDF)

Jalees Tamayo (Nevada State University), For Better or For Worse Standard Academic English (In-Person and Online)

Kat Zakonova and Kayleigh Di Brico (New York University), Demystifying Research Writing: Adapting IMRaD For Student Needs (In-Person)

View Kat Zakonova and Kayleigh Di Brico’s poster (PDF)

Ileana Zuckerman (University of California Santa Barbara), An Interdisciplinary Approach: Writing Centers Turning Toward the Field of Art History to Explain Analytical Writing (In-Person)

View Ileana Zuckerman’s poster (PDF)