2017 CCCC Undergraduate Researcher Poster Session – March 16

The 2017 Undergraduate Researcher Poster Session is scheduled for March 16th, 10:30 – 11:45 AM (during the A session). Join us to learn about the following presenters’ research projects:

  • Claire Armann, University of Delaware, “Getting Disciplined: STEM vs Humanities Based Writing at a Flagship State University”
  • Chelsea Brandwein and Erika Carlos, University of California – Santa Barbara, “The All Worked Up Project: Writing the Lives of Working College Students”
  • Katherine Cattell, Mariel Padilla, and Autumn Grace Peterson, Miami University, “Building Self Efficacy When Consulting Across Disciplines”
  • Aimee Conn, Auburn University Montgomery, “The Views and Effects of Political Memes in the 2016 Election”
  • Erika DiPasquale, Goucher College, “Cultivating Coachable Writers:  Student-Athletes’ Receptivity to Feedback on Their Writing”
  • Alyssa Foot, University of California – Santa Barbara, “The Kaleidoscope Project”
  • Erika Gallagher, University of Wisconsin – Madison, “I Can’t Speak: How Standard Written English Affects the Achievement of Marginalized Students in the Writing Process”
  • Madeline Halseth, University of Denver, “How is Reflection Understood in First Year Composition Courses”
  • Christopher Hassay, Moravian College, “Utilizing Faculty Interviews as an Epistemological Tool throughout a Modified Writing-Enriched Curriculum Process at a Small Liberal Arts”
  • Gina Keplinger, University of Nebraska – Lincoln, “The Rhetoric of Rejection: In Defense of Women’s Silence”
  • Megan Knowles, Kate Hausladen, Will Fitzsimmons, Bridget Bodee, and Molly Nugent, Marquette University, “Transfer Talk in Writing Center Conferences: How Writers Engage with Prior Knowledge”
  • Hannah Locher, University of Wisconsin – Madison, “Working Writers: Enriching Experiences to Enable Employed Students”
  • Karina Lopez, Priya Chopra, Hailey Diez, Juliette Kitchens, Sami Epstein, and Morgan Musgrove, Nova Southeastern University, “Collaborative Mentoring in Creating a Community-Based Literacy Center”
  • Whitney Malin, University of Wisconsin – La Crosse, “”I think that’s kind of your thesis, right?”: Gendered Communication in Writing Center Consulting Sessions”
  • Jacob Miller, Bethel College, “On the Communicative Defense: Black and White Athletes’ Code-Switching and Code-Meshing at Bethel College, KS”
  • Christopher Osorio, Kaylee Cruz, and Emily Lamb, University of La Verne, “Teaching and Tutoring EAE with Cultural (In)Sensitivity”
  • Abigail Osgood, University of Missouri – Kansas City, “The Holocaust as a Silent Center: Examining Rhetorical Silence in my Great-Grandmother’s Letters”
  • Ryan Ninesling, University of Denver, “Transfer of Knowledge and (Writing) Practices Among First Year Natural Science Students”
  • Mary Pollard, Rutgers University, “How Writing Centers Impact First-Generation College Students”
  • Ryan Rebernick and Juliette Schefelker, University of Wisconsin – Madison, “Exploring Written Feedback Perception Between Disciplines: Student and Teacher Perspectives”
  • Emma Saturday, Cheyenne Avila, Paige Bullock, and Joelene Kuaana, University of La Verne, “Fostering Success: Addressing Factors of Intimidation for Inner-City Students”
  • Hannah Silvers, Elon University, “Ethos of an Editor: Rhetorical Practice and Learning of Student Newspaper Copy Editors”
  • Alexander Sudduth, Washington State University Tri-Cities, “Huddled Masses: The Rhetoric of Refugees”
  • Rose Walters, University of Wisconsin – Madison, “A Quantitative Analysis of Gendered Commenting Practices”
  • Michaela Wiehe, University of Missouri – Kansas City, “The Diary of Georigana Craven: A Genre of Her Own?”






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