2014 Undergraduate Researcher Poster Session Presenters

The following undergraduate researchers were selected to present at the 2014 Poster Session are:

  • Kristen Blagg, Transfer of Learning to STEM Disciplines: Perceptions of the Relevant of First-Year Writing for STEM Majors
  • Georgiana Collins and Rachel Durrant, Embracing Difference and Individuality:  Integrating Multiple Intelligence Theory in the Writing Center
  • Tiara DeGuzman, An Experiment in Creative Writing
  • Denae Dibrell, What’s the point of FYW? Transfer in College Students’ Writing from a Local Perspective
  • Brynn Kairis, Jacquieline Manni, and Allison Scherer, The Global is Social: Exploring Worldwide English Literacy on a Socio-Local Scale
  • Kim Lilienthal, The Writing Process and English Language Learners
  • Philippe Meister, UW-L Diversity: Your Perspective
  • RJ Mey, Writing Knowledge and Successful Academic Composition
  • Megan Schoettler, Self-Deprecation in the Writing Center: Talking Back to ‘Bad Writers’
  • Abigail Smoake, The Accessibility of Patient Education Materials
  • Lena Stypeck, Expanding our Own Thinking: Using Mnemonics in the Tutoring Sessions
  • Kyle Whitaker, The Academic and Self-Sponsored Writing Lives of High School Students

All proposals were reviewed by at least three scholars, including at least one faculty member and at least one undergraduate researcher. Congratulations to the undergraduate researchers selected to present, and thank you to all the undergraduates who submitted proposals!