2016 Undergraduate Researcher Poster Session

The 2016 CCCC Undergraduate Researcher Poster Session will be held Thursday, April 7, 10:30 AM – 11:45 AM, in the Hilton Ballroom of the Americas Prefunction, Level Two. The Undergraduate Researchers presenting are:

  • Dana Comi and Audrey Strohm, Whitworth University, Multimodality, Collaboration, and Postprocess Theory: An Undergraduate Inquiry (Mentor: John Pell)
  • Jordan Craig, University of Wisconsin – Madison, Altered Perceptions: Responding to Cognitively Disabled Student Writers (Mentor: Annika Konrad)
  • David Halliwell, York College of Pennsylvania, When Trump Visits the Writing Center: Logical Fallacies in Student Writing (Mentor: Jennifer Follett)
  • A’aijea Howard and Olivia Thomas, Huston-Tillotson University, Gender, Rhetoric, and Race in Contemporary Fairy Tales (Mentor: Shawanda Stewart)
  • Justin Jones, University of Wisconsin – Madison, “Tools, Not Rules”: Identity, Empowerment and Standard Written English in the Odyssey Project Writing Classroom (Mentor: Annika Konrad)
  • Megan Knowles, Marquette University, Examining Student Engagement: How Writing Practices Encourage Participation in College Classrooms (Mentor: Beth Godbee)
  • Krysta Larson , Creighton University, College Readiness: Investigating the Merits of the IB Diploma Program through the Framework for Success in Postsecondary Writing (Mentor: Faith Kurtyka)
  • Ashley Muchler, Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania, Thick Tweet Pedagogy and Argumentative Writing in the English Language Arts Classroom (Mentor: Timothy Oleksiak)
  • Chelsea Otis, York College of Pennsylvania, How to Save the Session When Anxiety Breeds Disruptive Behavior (Mentor: Jennifer Follett)
  • Annie Pemberton, University of Alaska Anchorage, Iñupiaq to English: ReDefining Literacy in English Education in Alaska (Mentor: Heather Adams)
  • Melissa Rechter, York College of Pennsylvania, Tumblr Literacy Discourse (Mentor: Jennifer Follett)
  • Allie Remis, Millersville University, A Disconnect in Freshman Composition Classes: A Revision of Students’ Mindset on Revising (Mentor: Timothy Mayers)
  • Tracy Staples, Goucher College, From “Correctness” to “Connections”: The Impact of WAW Curriculum on Student Beliefs as Revealed by Program Assessment (Mentor: Barbara Roswell)
  • Alexandra Valerio, University of Central Florida, Integrating Theory and Data: A Closer Look at Learning in the Writing Center (Mentor: R. Mark Hall)
  • Jessa Wood, Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania, The Data ARE: Helping Ecology Students Conform to Discipline-Specific Writing Conventions (Mentor: Marianna Wood)

Special thanks to Eli Review for supporting peer review as these undergraduate researchers prepared their posters!